Finger Lakes Alpacas

FINGER LAKES ALPACAS is a full-service alpaca farm located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Central New York approximately four miles from NYS Thruway exit 40.

We take seriously the care and management of both our herd as well as those entrusted to our care. We’re proud of our husbandry and breeding management and work closely with an experience camelid veterinarian for the health and safety of all concerned. Yet, we do it all with a smile and good humor

At Finger Lakes Alpacas we have a commitment to our clients and potential clients to continual herd improvement. One way we’ve been able to excel at this task is to bring exceptional herdsires to our farm.

Owned and operated by Polly (a recently retired AOBA-Certified Judge and industry consultant) and Ken Michaelis,  we look forward to sharing experience with our clients and future clients.Polly and Ken Michaelis started their alpaca adventure in 1996. They lived and worked in Albany, New York and met their first alpacas at the Alpaca-Llama Festival at Saratoga Springs. That set off the next series of events.

Polly was a law librarian in her former life. For those of you familiar with librarians, they’re a slightly different breed of human. If you give a librarian a personal research project, they can, and will, head overboard. That happened here. Research, farm visits, reading, more farm visits and, drum roll please, three years later, the first alpacas were purchased.

Part of the game plan was going “home” to the Finger Lakes Region. Polly and Ken had always intended to move back home: Polly is a native from Skaneateles and Ken was a very happy transplant. The fates interceded and in 1999 Ken was offered a position at a correctional facility being built near their dream location. Within a month, they’d sold their Albany home and found a small farm in Weedsport. Two months later, the first animals arrived.

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