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Please be aware that September is leaf-peeping season and very busy in Central New York – if you think you’d like a hotel room, we seriously suggest booking early.  That said, what follows is a list of possible accommodations. The list runs the gamut from...

Event Schedule

10:00 Roundtable Discussion (Pitfalls, Pratfalls and Best Advice) 12:30 Lunch 2:00 Seminar (C. Howard) –Ins and Outs of International Sales 4:45 Wine Tasting Commences

Destination Finger Lakes

Wine Trails Other lovely options Shopping (if you must) Destiny USA (Syracuse NY) Waterloo Prime Outlets...


The morning session will be a "roundtable" with over 80 sum total years in business join us for a round table discussion about pitfalls, pratfalls, and the best advice ever in the alpaca business.” Afternoon session will be on Ins and Outs of International...

2017 Featured Alpacas Announced!

Alpaca offerings are on the website and more are being added. Seminar topics are decided. Menus are planned. Reservations are coming in! Don’t be the last, sign up now!

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